*Over the last three months there has been a lot of changes at Enep’ut. We as staff would like to thank you all for baring with us. As the staff continue to grow, adapt and clean up the mess that was left behind. We are wanting to be out with the old and in with the new. We are trying to restore Enep’ut back to its original feel of truly being “Our House”. There is going to be some changes coming in the next week. On Monday the staff will be handing out new enrollment packets and an updated version of the parent handbook. It is time they are updated as well as needing new copies of their latest shot records. This new update will help us better understand your child, you and your family. Please take time to fill these out and return them as soon as you possibly can. We need the new files to meet state standards and stay compliant with state regulations. Thank you for being the best part of Enep’ut. *
*The Enep’ut Staff*

Today for fun Friday we spent a ton of time outside! We will continue to spend more and more time outdoors as the weather warms until eventually we’re outside all day, everyday this summer! Please be sure to continue to send full snow gear still as the children are still enjoying playing in the snow and little bodies get cold fast without adequate snow gear! Typically we have extra snow gear to supplement if things are forgotten but our supply is running low as things have been taken home, lost, or never returned.

Ms. Bry, Preschool Lead