Spring is springing!

We’re at the end of the alphabet, and ready to beginning transition into summer topics like gardening and exploring nature. Wahoo! Now that the mosquitoes are out and we are spending more and more time outside, please bring labelled bug spray and sunscreen. This is also week two of exploring “anger.” We allotted extra time to think about this big emotion. As an aside, do you know anyone who processes wool into yarn? We would like to show the kids how this works. Have a great week!

Letter Y, yarn, flowers, and more

This week we are looking at the letter Y through sensory exploration of yarn and other media, and spending some time thinking about the emotion ‘jealousy’. The stories about Clara and Bumper , which we are reading over several weeks, help communicate this and other social-emotional topics. Teachers are also gearing up for Earth Day, Mother’s Day, and planning for summer gardening. In fact, four of our teachers are enrolled in a gardening-for-children class this week. Image: Toddlers and teachers are working on flower projects with tissue paper; the toddlers enjoy crinkling the tissue paper.

Water and colors

Letter W continues this week with an exploration of art in watercolors. Water is also an important theme during our extended outside play. Please bring extra clothes for your kiddos to change into, especially socks, and breakup boots. Today we explored the front-end loader that came to swoop up the playground snow into two glorious piles!