Notice to Parents

Attention Enep’ut Parents As it gets warmer, and our playground defrosts, we are asking that parents continue to bring full winter gear. This includes coats or a heavier jacket, a hat and/or face mask, waterproof gloves or mittens, snow pants/suits, and winter boots. It is alaska after all and it takes a little longer for everything to thaw. We plan on spending more and more time outside in the upcoming month. We ask this of all of our students, preschool and toddler/ wobbler. Wet hands and feet are cold hands and feet. Thanks, Enep’ut Staff [image1.JPG]

This week at Enep’ut

The preschoolers and toddler wobblers are continuing to learn more and more about trees and the different types of trees we have. We’ve also talked about how trees are affected by seasons. This activity worked on a number of things with our students such as color recognition, noticing a change in time, and what trees give us. Continue to ask your children what they’ve learned about trees. Signs we’ve practiced this week: Tree Leaf The letter Z