This Week

Today on the preschool side we started out some indoor planting, we’ve got our herb garden up and going as well as some flowers that need extra time to get going. We’re hoping to have lots of flowers this year as well as our normal vegetable garden. We are starting to collect donations for seeds and/or planters. We’d like to get some wooden garden beds built so they’ll last in years to come. Let us know if you’d like to help!
On a side note, the preschoolers are excited because on Friday, Ms. Mary, who is donating bunnies to our classroom will be visiting us with the rabbit and her litter to choose from and talk about bunnies! Do you know anybody who raises rabbits and would be willing to share their expertise?
Let Me or Ms. Taylor know!
-Ms.Bry, Preschool Lead❤️

Today the Toddlers made Akutuq (Eskimo Icecream) with me, it was a fun experience for our senses! We got to explore our sense of taste by tasting the different fruits used in it, strawberries and blueberries as well as the overall product. We got to feel the fat between our fingers as we hand mixed it with the other ingredients. With FNA in town many of the children are talking about the dancers they had seen with their parents so we figured it would be a good time to introduce some cultural delicacies to their pallet. Ask them how they liked it! The toddlers mixed and mashed but everybody got too try some 🙂
-Ms.Bry, Preschool Lead❤





Power is out at Enep’ut, opening will be delayed until 10. The building has been without heat since about 4-5 am and is chilly. We will keep you updated if it does come back on. -Ms. Bry, Preschool Lead
*** Update: 9:30am, school will be closed today, still now power and GVEA is not sure when it will be returning. Sorry about this, I hope you all enjoy your day. ***