Today for fun Friday we spent a ton of time outside! We will continue to spend more and more time outdoors as the weather warms until eventually we’re outside all day, everyday this summer! Please be sure to continue to send full snow gear still as the children are still enjoying playing in the snow and little bodies get cold fast without adequate snow gear! Typically we have extra snow gear to supplement if things are forgotten but our supply is running low as things have been taken home, lost, or never returned.

Ms. Bry, Preschool Lead

Community Campfire

Today we had a successful campfire! We had a few visitors from Thread. As well as a few parents stopped in to warm up and say hi during our campfire. We talked about the importance of having dry wood to start a fire, the children realized just how much harder it is to keep a fire going in the winter than our summer campfires. They saw first hand how using wet wood vs dry wood would affect our fire. Practice makes perfect! Most of them may be able to collect dry wood for your own wood stoves of campfires at home now! Happy Friday everybody! Hope you have a great weekend.