Letter of the week: I
Words: Ice, Icecream

Today in Circle we did a litte experiment and made our very own icecream, we learned that not all experiments turn out how we want them. We had a few issues with our bags tearing and our icecream ended up being a little more salty than sweet. It was a good experiment that we will probably try again

Upcoming: Mad Scientists Workshop🌪🔭🔬

In the upcoming weeks we look forward to more and more science projects and experiments! Introducing science into a child’s everyday life, even in the most minuscule ways can make a big difference in problem solving and critical thinking skills! As we learn new things we encourage parents to ask their children about their day, what they learned, and lots of “what if” and “why” questions, maybe even some “let’s try it!” situations.

So join us on our mad scientist journey and jump into science! We ask that your kids,
Dress to get dirty! With experimentation comes an array of messes! If you have any interesting science projects to suggest let us know, we are looking for new recipes and things to try. Donations of supplies and/or kits are always welcome!

Thanks in Advance! ❤️