Annual Board Meeting – 10/21 3-6p

baked potatoes

It’s the end of the term year for the Executive Board of Directors; we will hold elections on October 21, 2017. Please plan on coming to our Fall event or be sure to sign a proxy before the meeting if not attending. Proxies go toward the majority vote. If you are interested in joining the board next month is a perfect time to do so.

This coincides with our Halloween party for the kids. Please be sure to sign up to bring a food item. We’re providing hot baked potatoes! Thank you for being the best part of the Enep’ut Family!

Outdoor fun!

Today the Enep’ut preschoolers had a camp fire! We learned all about fire safety. Together we gathered sticks, leaves, branches and dry grass. We talked about the different kinds of trees and how they burn differently. Spruce tree creates more smoke than birch, but birch bark is perfect for starting fires due to its paper like material. We ate lunch around the fire, sang songs and told camp fire stories until nap time.

roasting marshmallowsSitting outdoors having lunchwatching the firesharing and talking

For today’s fun Friday we took advantage of golden days and started a fire the old fashioned way. We talked about fire safety, and the do’s and don’ts of a campfire. We sang songs, danced and ate snack around the fire pit. As a treat we roasted marshmallows and had s’mores!