Today for fun Friday we spent a ton of time outside! We will continue to spend more and more time outdoors as the weather warms until eventually we’re outside all day, everyday this summer! Please be sure to continue to send full snow gear still as the children are still enjoying playing in the snow and little bodies get cold fast without adequate snow gear! Typically we have extra snow gear to supplement if things are forgotten but our supply is running low as things have been taken home, lost, or never returned.

Ms. Bry, Preschool Lead

Community Campfire

Today we had a successful campfire! We had a few visitors from Thread. As well as a few parents stopped in to warm up and say hi during our campfire. We talked about the importance of having dry wood to start a fire, the children realized just how much harder it is to keep a fire going in the winter than our summer campfires. They saw first hand how using wet wood vs dry wood would affect our fire. Practice makes perfect! Most of them may be able to collect dry wood for your own wood stoves of campfires at home now! Happy Friday everybody! Hope you have a great weekend.


Meatball & Noodles (Holland Lop Rabbits)

Meatball and Noodles will be moving in on Friday March 23rd. They will be staying in the rabbit hutch by the bathroom. They will be an intricate part of our classroom experience. The children will help take care of them daily, by checking their food and water. The litterbox will be changed by staff daily as needed*. The children and staff are required to wash their hands before and after handling the rabbits. The children will have free access to the rabbits besides at meal times.

Children learn an abundance of skills while having a classroom pet. Pets encourage self-esteem, responsibility, nurturing and caring for the pet. They also develop science skills, math skills, language, fine and gross motor.

Science: Children develop science skills by learning about the rabbits habitat, behavior, eating and sleeping habits.
Math: They develop math skills by measuring, food, water and the rabbits.

Language: They develop language skills by learning new words associated with rabbits, like mammal.  

Holland Lops are one of the smallest breeds of rabbits. They are very social and love to snuggle. They need to be feed daily and enjoy snacking on fresh veggies. An adult weights up to 4lbs and they can live up to 14 years old.

Holland Lop Facts:

  • Rabbits are not rodents, they are lagomorphs.
  • Rabbits can purr similar to a cat
  • Rabbits have 28 teeth
  • Rabbits can see behind them, but have blind spot in front of their face.
  • A 4 pound rabbit will drink as much water as a 20 pound dog
  • A rabbits teeth never stop growing. Which is why it is important they have stuff to chew on.
  • Rabbits can see behind them, but have blind spot in front of their face.
  • When rabbits are happy, they will jump and twist, this is called a binky

 *NAEYC Early Learning Program Accreditation Standards and Assessment Items  Standard 5.C-Maintaining a Healthful Environment

Ms. Taylor, Preschool Lead