Power is out at Enep’ut, opening will be delayed until 10. The building has been without heat since about 4-5 am and is chilly. We will keep you updated if it does come back on. -Ms. Bry, Preschool Lead
*** Update: 9:30am, school will be closed today, still now power and GVEA is not sure when it will be returning. Sorry about this, I hope you all enjoy your day. ***

Valentines Day Party

Valentines Day Planning is in the works! Our Valentines Day Party will be On Valentine’s Day from 11-Noon for the chocolate fountain. You’re more than welcome to join us! Sign ups for food items are on the door and a list will be provided with the students first names for a card exchange if you’d like to personalize them. We look forward to the fun!
-Ms. Bry, Preschool Lead ❤️[Image]

Date Night Childcare!

Need to take some time to yourselves? Need childcare for Valentine’s Day Plans? Have friends that also need care? Let them know! We’ll be able to accept anybody with an Emergency Card and up to Date Shots.
Enep’ut Families Will be Priority! Sign up now! Date Night, Saturday, February 10,2018 from 6-10pm.
Dinner and a movie will be provided for the children.
$30 each for one child Or $20 each if you’re signing up more than one.
Sign up soon! Spots are limited ❤️❤️
-Ms.Bry, Preschool Lead.[Image]