Special Guests

Today we had two groups of special guests. Madeline is a creative dance instructor and had the kids moving and freezing, jumping and twirling. The second was Sean Topkok and Flora from the Pavva Dance Group Inupiaq and Yup’ik dance group. They learned how to do the Igloo song, the seal hunt, and an invitational song. Videos to come on the page
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Baking and Cookie Decorating with Ms. Teresa

Today the toddlers worked with Ms. Teresa to roll out the cookie dough and make sugar cookies! They even got to decorate them after they cooled ❤️ Ms. Teresa is making it her goal to do some type of baking or cooking with the toddlers weekly on Wednesday’s! This week is a short week so they did it a little earlier
-Ms. Bryana, Preschool Lead
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